Thursday, January 9, 2014

Welcome to Primtive Arts and Crafts

Dacite Point Ocean Spray shaft
I believe that the primitive arts and crafts are our human heritage. Throughout time you find that given a certain set of problems and a certain set of raw materials Humans come up with the same solution. Take the bow and arrow for example, though many different types and methods of creation exist, the basic principle is the same throughout the world and time. Stone tools vary only in style across the globe and bone has been a raw material for tools for every society. Containers made of long strong fibrous plants and fired clay are every where and the skills used to make them vary little from tribe to tribe. I strive to learn as many different techniques of creation as I can and collect skills from around the world. This is my blog and portfolio; here you will find photos of my work as well as tutorials and booking information for workshops and demonstrations. Thanks, Tony Deland

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